Brass Polishing

Brass Plating

Our brass plating either polish, satin or patina  can be plated on a variety of metals to including nickel, steel, bronze, stainless steel, and zinc die castings.  After plating we can provide several different coatings (acrylic lacquers, epoxy lacquers or polyurethane coatings) to keep the finish safe.

From small to volume production runs Metal Man Restoration is here to help you meet your goals to produce the highest quality products at the best possible price.  All our plating is done in-house and nothing is shipped out to other facilities.  Listed below are some of the many items we brass plate

  • Brass Plating of Automotive, Marine (Boats) and Motorcycle Parts "NEW 2015"
  • Brass Plating of Door & Bathroom Hardware
  • Brass Plating of Stove Parts
  • Brass Plating of Antique Vending Machines (slot machines, cash registers, pinball machines)
  • Brass Plating of House hold décor such as Lamps and Chandeliers.

Polished Brass Finish "Mirror Finish"
We are able to plate nickel, steel, bronze, stainless steel, and zinc die castings to a high polish finish.  The existing base metal will be polished to a high shine and then we will apply a brass plated finish.

Patina Brass "Oxidized Brass, "Oil Rubbed Brass or Antique Brass"
Antique Brass is a finish that replicates old brass and can be provided in many different shades, from mostly yellow to almost black. In most cases we are able to match the desired look that our customers are looking for. This requires a heavy brass plate if not on solid brass and preparation of the base material.

Satin Brass "Brushed Brass or "Mill Finish Brass"
Satin Brass, like antique brass, requires preparation of the base material first followed by a heavy brass plate. The outcome is a smooth, lined finish that has a matte look.


 Polished Brass Plating Over White Metal (Pot Metal)

                     Satin Brass Plating Over Steel

                 Polished Brass Plating Over Aluminum

        Polished Brass Plating Over Zinc (Pot Metal)





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