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Architectural Metal Maintenance Programs

Metal Man Restoration offers cost efficient ways to maintain the architectural metals in and out of your building by using a well-specified maintenance program.

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Trained Metal Maintenance Technicians work on restoring a Historical Landmark Building located in downtown NYC


Property managers also realize that the exterior metal of their buildings need a regular maintenance program. In most cases, in an effort to balance an owner's budget, property managers are forced to apply the rationalization that "The neglect of the exterior metal is a lot less noticeable than the neglect of the interior shiny metals". Unfortunately, years go by with little to no exterior metal maintenance, leaving the metal susceptible to atmospheric deterioration. A preventative exterior metal maintenance program of main entranceways, atriums and other high visibility areas is relatively inexpensive. The metal, if left unmaintained, will become susceptible to atmospheric pollution, pitting and oxidizing caused by the ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

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In most cases, Metal Man Restoration can restore these metals and apply a protective coating. In more severe cases, very costly painting is the only option. Metal Man Restoration can help keep the exterior of buildings protected and looking pristine. We actually remove years of atmospheric pollution from the anodized aluminum frames and anodic finished panels. We then apply a protective coating to help combat recurring stains. With a preventative maintenance program established, the exterior metal will shine for years to come. The owners can rest assured that their investment is indeed being protected.

Metal Man Restoration has developed proprietary methods in accordance with the American Architectural Manufacturers Association to safely and effectively remove years of neglect and pollution from all exterior anodized aluminum and anodic finished frames, panels, columns etc.

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After hours metal maintenance performed at a bank located in NYC by a trained metal maintenance techician.


Metal Man's Metal Maintenance Program Benefits

  • We accommodate time schedules that would not conflict with normal business hours (24 hours 7 days a week).
  • At Metal Man Restoration we are very concerned about providing our customers and their tenants with the safest work environments. We offer "odor free" protective coatings and cleaning supplies which are all OSHA approved.
  • We provide periodic inspections becoming your "eyes" for the metal in the building. Our Director of Operations makes trips to all our buildings that have metal maintenance contracts. This frees the property manager's time for more important matters.
  • Budgeting becomes very easy. In most cases an average monthly payment plan is used. This assures no surprises.