Brass Polishing

Metal Painting Cleaning and Maintaining of Anodized Aluminum and Steel

The exterior skin of a building is designed to withstand the elements for a long period of time. Metal skins are usually one of three types; Kynar painted aluminum, Anodized Aluminum or Alucabond panels. While all three of these coatings are far superior to any standard painting system, they all will succumb to the ravages of sunlight and moisture over time. Once this occurs, the surface will fade and chalking and staining will appear.


Metal Man Restoration can provide the expertise to restore the finish to the metal. We work with you and the paint manufactures to specify the ideal colors. At Metal Man Restoration we only use a PPG Coraflon Fluorpolymer Coatings to ensure that 10 year warrenty backed by PPG. Our staff is facility trained in applying Fluorpolymer coatings. Other conventional coating (acrylic enamel, urethane, epoxy, polyurethane, etc) will only last 2 - 5 years with surface fade and chalking which eventually lead to the paint flaking throughout the panels. When your planning to invest in restoring the finish to you exterior metal panels Metal Man Restoration can ensure that you will get your moneys worth with the proper metal prepping, primering and painting.

As important as the coating, it is not as important as the preparation method. Unless you are going to repaint your building with a pigmented coating, the cleaning is the most important aspect of the job. Here is also where Metal Man Restoraiton expertise will help you in selecting a competent vendor and specify the proper cleaning method. An improper cleaning can double the cost of your refinishing cost.

Factory finished anodized aluminum, painted aluminum, stainless steel and painted steel require reasonable care, periodic cleaning, polishing and preventive metal maintenance. Although anodized aluminum, painted aluminum, stainless steel and painted steel possess exceptional resistance to corrosion, discoloration and wear, the metal finishes integrity will degrade by harsh chemicals, rough conditions or neglect. Without metal maintenance, metal refinishing and are inevitable.