Brass Polishing

Chandelier Restoration - Step By Step

(Above are three pictures showing the condition of this early 19th century chandelier.)

  • At this stage we are dismantling the Chandelier and taking numerous pictures before and after to ensure the reconstruction when we are complete

(The Chandelier is dismantled and all the pieces are laid besides each other to show for everything)

(Here you see a close up view of the chandelier which is in desperate need of rewiring and a beautiful refinish)

(You can see the before and after finish on the item above)

  • Next the Chandelier items are dipped in our environmentally safe cleaning solution to remove the grime and other contaminates from over the years. Once they are cleaned and dry we start to glass bead blast all the components of the Chandelier (Keep in mind that our final finish will be a satin (rough) brass finish)
  • As you can see below we have completed the refinishing stage of the chandelier restoration and might I say it looks beautiful. Now we will move into the rewiring and reconstructing the chandelier.
  • The pictures below show the final product. The customer could not believe her eyes when she saw her chandelier and to think she was going to donate it to a rummage sale.