Brass Polishing

Beacon Theatre

In February of 2009 Metal Man Restoration was hired to restore the 900 pound chandelier in the rotunda of the Beacon Theatre. The chandelier is the original chandelier that has been with the former movie parlor for the past 80 years and is the first major attraction you notice when you step into the famous theatres richly rotunda lobby.

Condition: When we arrived on-site the chandelier had been lowered to the floor the chandelier was extremely dirty condition, most of the crystals were all missing from the chandelier, the crystal orb was be suspended by a vintage 6" coffee can painted gold, sockets were not working or bent and candelabra sleeves were yellowed and burnt from wear and tear.

Solution: The job took over two week around the clock with four chandelier experts from Metal Man Restoration to bring the chandelier back to its original condition. The chandelier was cleaned to bring back the original luster, the original crystals were cleaned in a two part acid and repined with new brass wire, the missing crystals were replicated to match the original, new candelabra sleeves and sockets were installed.


beacon theatre chandelier cleaning

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