Brass Polishing

Alexander Hamilton US Customs House

In August 2009 Metal Man Restoration was hired by the US Government to perform the restoration on the exterior bronze gates at the front entranceway of the US Customs House (Alexander Hamilton Building). The gates date back to 1902 when the building was first built. It is the most noticed item in front of the entranceway.


Condition: When we received the gates in our facility the condition of the gates were in poor condition. The gates were not functioning properly (bronze caster wheels were not turning properly) on one of the gates it was missing a large bronze finial section and the finish was full of old paint, dirt and grime.


Solution: The job took several month since we had to re-cast a new finial section and fabricate the new section into the existing gates and make some other welding repairs to the gate. Also we had to fix the bronze caster wheels and finally recreate the original finish on the gates (statutory bronze finish).


Bronze Refinishing

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