Brass Polishing


Beacon Theatre - New York NY

In February of 2009 Metal Man Restoration was hired to restore the 900 pound chandelier in the rotunda of the Beacon Theatre. The chandelier is the original chandelier that has been with the former movie parlor for the past 80 years and is the first major attraction you notice when you step into the famous theatres richly rotunda lobby.


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metal refinishing

Newark City Hall - Newark NJ

In April of 2006 Metal Man Restoration was hired to perform the restoration of the exterior Bronze lighting fixtures and Bronze window hardware throughout Newark City Hall. The job consisted of the two large front entranceway lighting fixtures and six small side bronze entranceway fixtures.


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Alexander Hamilton Building US Customs House - New York NY

In August 2009 Metal Man Restoration was hired by the US Government to perform the restoration on the exterior bronze gates at the front entranceway of the US Customs House (Alexander Hamilton Building). The gates date back to 1902 when the building was first built. It is the most noticed item in front of the entranceway.


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Edwin Dietz

Yankee Stadium Plaques - Bronx NY

In April 2008 Metal Man Restoration was hired by the New York Yankees and Skanska Construction Corporation to restore the Babe Ruth Plaza and Lou Gehrig Plaza plaques. These plaques date back to the mid to late 1940's. These plaques are in place at the Bronze County Courthouse and Babe Ruth Plaza.


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Daisy Pimentel

Niagara Mohawk Building - Syracuse NY

The Niagara Mohawk Building is an art deco classic building in Syracuse, New York. It is a building of the Niagara Mohawk power utility company. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Niagara Hudson Building in 2010. The building was built in 1932. It was headquarters for what was "then the nation's largest electric utility company


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US Customs House - Philadelphia PA

In March of 2010 Metal Man Restoration was hired to restore the 400 Steel Casement Windows and all the exterior Aluminum and Stainless Steel Doors, Transoms and Light Fixtures at the U S Customs House Philadelphia PA. This was a 2 1/2 year project which we worked hand in hand with the Local 21 Painters Union.


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